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[SND]01 Way Down Yonder in New Orleans.mp32018-07-05 17:01 3480k
[SND]02 This Can't Be Love.mp32018-07-05 17:01 5284k
[SND]03 Nuages.mp32018-07-05 17:02 7424k
[SND]04 Triste.mp32018-07-05 17:02 7640k
[SND]05 Up Jumped You with Love.mp32018-07-05 17:02 5480k
[SND]06 If We Never Meet Again.mp32018-07-05 17:02 6264k
[SND]07 Everybody Loves My Baby.mp32018-07-05 17:02 4552k
[SND]08 Hard Times.mp32018-07-05 17:03 8212k
[SND]09 Si Tu Vois Ma Mere.mp32018-07-05 17:03 5840k
[SND]10 Mr. C.H. (for Chuck Hedges).mp32018-07-05 17:03 4324k
[SND]11 Kansas City Man Blues.mp32018-07-05 17:03 5524k
[SND]12 Skylark.mp32018-07-05 17:03 7628k
[SND]13 She Found Me (for Alice).mp32018-07-05 17:04 4352k
[SND]14 What a Little Moonlight Can Do.mp32018-07-05 17:04 5072k
[SND]15 My Romance.mp32018-07-05 17:04 5284k
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